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Panthera Guard Branding Stationary
Panthera Guard

During my undergrad program, I participated in a professional portfolio/thesis class. This class challenged me to evaluate myself and the niche I want to establish myself in within the design world. Brand Identity has always called to me so I decided to do brand design from scratch for my own non-profit.

Branding Mockup
Resorts World Casino

In my final year in school, I took a history of graphic design class. Our professor assigned us a final project where our objective was to rebrand a local company using the aesthetics and ideals of one of the movements we studied. I  had fallen in love with the  Wiener Werkstätte movement. I decided to do The Resorts World Casino as I felt that it went hand in hand with the movement.

What's the Buzz?

Infographics are always a fun challenge. You have to think of creative ways to display data heavy information in easy to digest pieces. This is my solution to a "Fun Facts" infographic assigned to me. I had to comb through the information given to me, edit out any redundant or non applicable data, pair it with a visual representing that data while also keeping the design to a simple aesthetic.

Movie Night Poster
Amazon Watch

A hypothetical "about us" company brochure created using Amazon Watch as inspiration.

Movie Night

As part of my thesis class, I decided to try my hand at an event poster created to advertise a hypothetical fundraising movie event featuring Disney's Chimpanzee. The objective was to advertise a fun time together with your family and as a byproduct you help support a non-profit.