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Panthera Guard Branding Stationary
Panthera Guard

During my undergrad program, I participated in a professional portfolio/thesis class. This class challenged me to evaluate myself and the niche I want to establish myself within the design world. I decided to practice a simple brand design for a made-up non-profit.

Panthera Guard is a project that is near and dear to my heart. It is the spark that helped me to discover where my passion lies. This project, along with the other non-profit projects in this portfolio, was done for my senior capstone class. Our professor told us to delve deeper into certain aspects of Design that we wanted to explore, so I decided to study Identity and Information Design, but I didn't know any specific sect I wanted to be my niche. I have always had a love for animals, and always wanted to be part of some organization that improves the world, as cliche as it is. This project helped me to realize that I can combine my two interests into one and do designs for animal conservations such as Panthera (the inspiration of this project) or WCS (whom I hope to join in the future).


For the first project of the class, I decided to try out logo development and brand identity, so I created a logo, business cards, and stationary for Panthera Guard.


I started off brainstorming keywords that came to mind when I thought "big cats" (i did not have a name yet):

  • stripes

  • claws

  • protection

  • eyes

  • tiger

  • cheetah

  • paw






Stripes and protection were the two that stuck out to me the most. From there Stripes for Life evolved. I created a colored and black and white version to check how well it works not dependent on color.

From there I experimented with the paw idea. Playing around with the shape turned the paw into a shield since it resembled that in my eye. A shield is used for protection, which felt appropriate to the mission of my conservation. I decided to choose this blue for its psychoactive symbolism. I decided to go with a contrast of light and bold all caps typography. I wanted the type to be strong and firm but not too aggressive. After some revisions, this is the final version that was developed.  The paw becomes the shield itself with a pawprint on the shield, acting as a stamp of approval.